Paw print memorial jewellery, a wonderful token of a great friendship

Paw print memorial jewellery, a wonderful token of a great friendship

Many of us cannot imagine life without our four-legged friends, dogs, cats, and other furry creatures. Their love knows no bounds, they love without restraint and prejudice – they always see the best in us. Imagine a creature that will greet you with joy every day when you return from work – these are our pets.

Even when they leave us and are no longer with us, the memories of our pets do not fade. Saying goodbye to your best friend is never easy – we try to remember the beautiful moments and celebrate the time we spent together; all the places we visited, and the funny situations we found ourselves in. Our lives are richer and more beautiful because of these wonderful friends, even when they leave us, they remain in our memory forever.

At Jewel Concepts, we understand the love of pets very well. We like to remember them through photos and videos, individual objects, and places we loved. However, we can also remember them in a different way, using pet memorial jewellery with paw prints.

Our catalogue of exceptional jewellery also offers pieces made on the basis of pet paw prints. The print is extremely easy to make, and our job is then to transform the print into a special, personalised piece of memorial paw print jewellery. This is a very special memento, superb piece of jewellery, made of gold or silver. Your pet’s unique paw print will never leave your side.

How do I make a good paw print?

A paw print is easy to make. You can make it using an ordinary office inkpad or you can order a special print kit that contains everything you need to make a quality print. It is enough to lightly touch the paw to the ink or ink strip and then press it onto the paper or print label. Do not move the paw when pressing, light pressure will do. After that, take a photo or scan the paw print and attach it to your order. Easy!