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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order something from the webshop?
How do I order a print set?
How do I deliver the print?
How do I pay?
What should I do if I have a voucher?
What should I do if I want something engraved?

How do I order something from the webshop?

In order to be able to order something from our webshop, you need to register yourself as a customer. This can be done beforehand, but also when you have already added a piece of jewellery to your shopping cart. Selecting a piece of jewellery from our shop speaks for itself. You can view your order list in your shopping cart.
Here you can make further changes to your order list, delete items or change the number of pieces of jewellery you have selected.
If you are in possession of a gift certificate, you can enter the unique gift certificate code (this code is shown on your gift certificate) in the field ‘Enter the voucher code’ and click on ‘Save’.
Then select a shipping method and a payment method.
If you want anything else to be engraved, you can enter the desired text (10 positions) in the text box ‘Notes and special requests’.
Once everything is approved and filled in, click on ‘Checkout now’.

How do I order a print set?

The print is an essential part of our jewellery. To make a good print (fingerprint, footprint or pawprint) you can order a special print set at Jewel Concepts. You can order this print set together with your jewellery.
Of course you can also order a Jewel Concepts print set separately and only later choose your jewellery. A loose print set costs € 5,- without sending costs.
When you order your Jewel Concepts jewellery later, you will receive a discount of € 5. A print set consists of a special inkstrip, various stickers to make the print on and storage folders to stick the good prints in. You will receive a print set from Jewel Concepts within 1 week. With this printing set you can make some prints and then send the best ones to Jewel Concepts. To make a good print look at our print instructions ‘How do I make a print? To obtain a good print we advise you to use the Jewel Concepts print set, but you can also make a print with the help of an office inking pad, make sure this inkpad doesn’t have a coarse strcture of itselves.

How do I deliver the print?


You can upload the scanned (600 dpi in colour, large file) printout at the same time as you place your order. If you have more jewellery in an order, make sure that all prints on a page are scanned, indicating which print is for which piece of jewellery.


With your smartphone take a picture from about 4 inches straight above and photograph at least the whole sticker, file and send in real size format.

In case of not used our print kit, please place a tape measure next to the print so we can know the actual size.


Instructions for making a useful scan of your print:

Scan the print you made on 600dpi.
Set the size of the scan to a maximum of 3 x 3cm (708 x 708 pixel) for a fingerprint. Set the size of the scan to a maximum of 14 x 18cm (3306 x 4250 pixel) for a footprint.
Set the file format to jpg.
Make sure the file is no larger than 10 MB.
With the Browse button you can select the created jpg-file on your computer. Then click on upload and your digital print will be saved on the Jewel Concepts website.
The jpg-file you provided is now visible on this page. You can view your print by clicking on the filename, if you are not satisfied with the result you can upload a new scan by clicking on the edit icon (pencil) to select your new file.
Once you are satisfied, you will need to use the print button to link the file to your order.

How do I pay?

There are a number of payment options. These are listed under the heading ‘Payment options’.

What should I do if I have a voucher?

If you have a voucher, you can use it when you place an order. As soon as you have added anything to your shopping cart, you will see a field with the text ‘Fill in the voucher code’. There you can enter the code that is on your voucher and click on ‘Save’. The discount will then automatically be deducted from your total.
Please note that the code on the voucher can be used only once.

What do I do if I want something engraved?

First of all: engraving is free. If you would like to have a name and/or a date engraved on the back of a piece of jewellery, you can enter the desired text in the fields for the selected piece of jewellery.
Please note that both the name and the date, including spaces, can only be up to 10 characters long, and some pieces aren’t possible to be engraved.