Mourning jewellery with your loved one’s fingerprint and/or ashes

About 10 years ago we had our first request for a piece of mourning jewellery. A young woman had lost her father and she wanted to keep some of his ashes with her. So we made a little pendant box. The result: a white gold cylinder, decorated with her father’s fingerprint, designed by the customer herself.

To immortalize a souvenir of someone dear to you in a beautiful piece of mourning jewellery (ring, pendant with little ashes container, engraving of fingerprint, portrait profile…). We will customize it to your liking. In white gold, yellow gold, silver or a combination of these precious materials

Mourning jewellery with an engraved fingerprint -Mourning jewellery, a precious token of memory

For the young woman we mentioned above it was a precious jewel in more than one way. The young woman was indeed quite emotional when she met me and so I understood that it was something very important for her and it was an honour for me to participate in this work.

In recent years, mourning jewellery, designed to keep the ashes or a fingerprint of a deceased loved one, has been appearing more and more. A tradition that actually dates back to the Neolithic period and is now making a strong comeback as part of our mourning rituals.

The presentation of the mourning jewellery for families is particularly refined, and the ranges offered – necklaces, rings or bracelets – offer an incredible number of possibilities for individualisation.

In terms of precious mourning fingerprint jewellery the variety of marvelous pieces available is really wide and allows a genuine personalisation. Within the same family – but also with relatives, friends of the deceased – it can become a link to keep the memory alive together, each member can have a copy, identical or not. This is what we have seen since we began marketing these precious ornaments. For the same mourning jewel, we have three, four, five or more copies requested. I didn’t notice it at first, but now we see that it’s regular and, therefore, is really becoming a habit.