Celebrate and honour a lifetime of friendship

Friends are one of the most important companions in our lives, a true and priceless treasure. Our furry friends, dogs and cats, will never see us in any other light, no matter how bad our day is or how stressed we may feel. From them, we will only ever know love and devotion, support and unconditional fondness.

Paw Print Jewellery - Celebrate a lifetime of friendship -Our pets are a source of unlimited positive energy, and the smiles they bring out to our faces cannot be compared to anything else. The lives we live would feel emptier without them. The years we spend together fly quickly, as they usually do when we are surrounded by joy and laughter, but memories that remain will stay with us forever.

Paw print jewellery, your friend will never leave your side

Jewel Concepts’ jewel crafters use the wealth of their experience and skill to provide you with a unique opportunity. You will be able to keep a memento of a lifetime of friendship and love, right by your side: wear it around your neck or a wrist, or on a finger. Unique, immaculate paw print jewellery features an extremely detailed paw print of your best friend, set on a fine piece of jewellery.

Jewel Concepts Paw Print jewellery is crafted in white or yellow gold, or silver. Certain pieces even offer you the chance to have both your fingerprint and pet’s paw print engraved in a single piece of jewellery.

We appreciate the love you shared with your best friends and we will dedicate our time, energy and knowledge into making a truly spectacular piece of jewellery for you. Each order is shipped with a signed certificate and a print with the marked area which was used in the production of the jewellery.

Preserve a memory of a friend that has passed on, or celebrate the arrival of a new family member.