How to take proper care of your jewellery?

How to take proper care of your jewellery?

Your personal jewellery is priceless and as such deserves special attention. In our work, we use the highest quality materials and methods to ensure the longevity of your jewellery, and you can do your part by following a few basic, simple instructions.

Jewellery pieces are small and delicate objects. While they are made of durable materials to be worn daily, it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure that they last for years while retaining their original beauty.

Wearing more jewellery simultaneously
Taking care of your jewellery -Avoid that one piece touches another piece of jewellery, they can scratch or damage each other.

At rest
It is important to keep your jewellery in individual boxes or fabric bags so as not to scratch it. Fine chains often become entangled, even when separated from other chains. It is, therefore, preferable to close the necklaces and bracelets and keep them in their original packaging.

Sleeping with your jewellery
Some jewellery is so comfortable that you fall asleep with it without even noticing it! Avoid sleeping with collars that can get tangled and damaged. Earrings with a hook system can also easily slide from your ear and get lost in your bed or even end up under your bed and then in the vacuum cleaner. There are many examples of this kind, so it is generally still safer to spend a few minutes removing them before applying your night cream.

Precisely, jewellery is not very fond of creams that leave traces and accumulate between stones and in the small chiselings of the metal. Over time, they tarnish metals and the brilliance of stones.

Putting on and taking off your jewellery
Be careful with the ceramics in your bathroom because they are hard: a piece of jewellery that falls on a tile rarely comes out unscathed, especially fine stones. Be careful also when emptying your sink, which will swallow up this delicate little ear chip that has escaped your hands. A little tip: grab a towel and put it on your sink in front of your mirror; if one of your pieces of jewellery falls off, you’ll think of me!

The shower
It is harmless on most precious jewellery. However, avoid showering with jewellery that is oxidized (e. g. blackened gold) or patinated (e. g. antique pieces) because the soap you use will gradually remove these surface aspects. Generally speaking, jewellery does not like soap whose residues can accumulate between stones or in small chiselings of the metal. It is, therefore, necessary to rinse them well.

Cleaning your jewellery
Cleaning gold, platinum and gemstone jewellery is relatively easy and quick. Soak your jewel in a small bowl of hot water with a few drops of mild soap and let it rest for a few minutes to remove any traces and dissolve any accumulated dust. If necessary, you can use a baby’s very soft and preferably worn toothbrush to deepen the cleaning. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Silver jewellery tends to oxidize naturally with air and moisture. Occasional cleaning with a soft cloth retains the shine of the silver and removes oxidation. Don’t use any silver clean fluids as they can damage the surface of your precious jewellery.