Fingerprint Memorial Jewellery - remembering past, celebrating future

Fingerprint Memorial Jewellery – remembering past, celebrating future

Once life separates us from our loved ones, we are left with memories and recollections of all the moments we spent together. Photographs, letters, videos and numerous valuable items keep the memories alive. These are priceless reminders of times gone by, of people who are no longer with us, and of moments that have forever marked our lives.

Fingerprint JewelleryA unique way to preserve the memory of our loved ones is top-quality memorial jewellery with fingerprints. In Jewel Concepts UK online store, you will find an ideal piece of jewellery, which we will then turn into a unique memory thanks to our special method of engraving fingerprints. In the making of fingerprint jewellery, we often see production methods that greatly facilitate the production itself, but the end result of such a process is devoid of any personal value. Therefore, in our work, we prefer to use our own in-house developed methods that guarantee a high degree of fidelity, while at the same time high quality of the final product.

Fingerprint jewellery does not necessarily have to be associated with people who are no longer with us. It can also mark the arrival of new people in our lives, preserve memories of engagements, weddings or other key moments in this glorious journey we call life. With the necessary attention and care, your personalized fingerprint jewellery will be with you for many years to come.

Take a peek into our box of jewels and find your ideal piece of jewellery. Make a fingerprint and send it to us. The rest is our job, which we will do with great pleasure.