Baby Series - jewellery with your baby’s footprint

Baby Series – jewellery with your baby’s footprint

The world of baby jewellery continuously surprises us with its variety, charm, flair and originality. Beads, pendants, rings, in yellow or white gold in multiple forms and combinations to please just about everyone: mothers, grandmothers (but truth be said, also dads and granddads).

When it comes to baby jewellery nothing is more unique than our fingerprint and footprint pieces

Baby Footprint JewelleryWhether it is the occasion of birth – a celebration of coming into the world, or for a baptism, babies are a source of joy and love. Jewellery is the first birth gift idea that comes to mind, mostly because it has all the symbolism of the “first”: first gift, first diamond, a first real piece of jewellery that the mother will keep forever.

Personalisation has also evolved: if you wish us to, we will engrave your child’s first name and date of birth or baptism, but also your child’s fingerprint or footprint on your new piece of outstanding jewellery! That is why Jewel Concepts, with 12 years of experience in fingerprint jewellery made in The Netherlands, has selected the most beautiful pieces, to meet the ever-higher expectations of clients looking for baby-themed jewellery. Because embracing a piece of bespoke jewellery is giving a gift that you will keep for the rest of your life!

To celebrate the birth of a baby, offer your loved one a little happiness, found in our selection of fingerprint baby jewellery.

Why order your baby jewellery with footprint or fingerprint from Jewel Concepts in The Netherlands?

Just as you love your baby, we deeply care about delighting you. That’s why every piece of baby jewellery we produce is made as if it was meant for our own family. With age-old craftsmanship, focused attention, dedication and above all the love we feel towards our job and our passion.

If only when it’s about a baby or small child… small things do matter.