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The Luck is a four leaf clover shaped earring of appr. 11mm, which can be provided with one or two different fingerprints. These earrings are available in the versions shown below.

From: £ 217,00



From: £ 217,00

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Jewellery with a personal touch

Your precious personalised jewellery is crafted using our in-house developed process, each print is engraved with utmost care for detail. The final product is therefore unique, from the lines of the print you supplied to us to the depth of each individual line.

Jewel Concepts, based in the Netherlands, has developed its own technique for producing personalised jewellery in silver and gold with fingerprints, baby footprints or pet paw prints. All our items are custom made from the ground up, we do not laser engrave prefabricated blanks.

This means that on request all our catalogue items can be customized following your ideas, we can even talk about producing your very own design as a one-off piece.

All jewellery comes with a certificate, clearly marking the part of a print used in producing your item.


Cuff links - Fingerprint


From: £ 423,00

Rings - Portait

Portrait 6

From: £ 333,00

Pendants - Paw Print


From: £ 163,00

Fingerprint Earrings

Bliss 5

From: £ 227,00

Rings - Baby

True Little Foot

From: £ 303,00

Fingerprint Pendants

Angel 2

From: £ 217,00